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NOME: Sugar, Tobacco and Rum
ATTIVITA': Museum Visit:
  Museum Visit
  Nautic Activities
Panoramic View:
  Panoramic View
DESTINAZIONI:  "José Smith Comas" Sugar and Steam Museum,
 Don Q'ko Project,
 Oscar María de Rojas Museum,
 Casa del Ron,
 Casa del Tabaco,
 Varadero Golf Club,
 Dupont Mansion.
Casual wear
FREQUENZA: Monday - Wednesday - Saturday

09:3 hrs (Varadero)

DURATA: 1 giorno


• Pick up at hotels according to staggered schedule established for the excursion

• Tour to the Sugar and Steam Museum "José Smith Comas".

• Visit to a Sugar Cane plantation with demonstration of manual cutting.

• Welcome and tour inside the old factory, where machines and equipment that were used in the process of obtaining sugar cane are displayed.

• Tasting of the juice of the sugar cane "Guarapo".

• Ride on a train pulled by a steam locomotive of the early twentieth century to the railroad terminal of Cárdenas, built in 1875.

• Lunch at the self-sustaining Don Q'ko Project, private restaurant in the city of Cárdenas.

• Panoramic tour of the City of Cárdenas that includes its main avenues and points of interest. Visit to the Oscar María de Rojas Museum. Brief free time in the plaza José A. Echeverría.

• Panoramic tour of the Tourist Pole of Varadero, on its 1st Avenue to 64th Street. Visit the Craft Workshop on 56th Street and visit the Casa del Ron and the Casa del Tabaco on 1st Avenue and 63rd Street which includes: * Explanation about the process and history of rum making in Cuba. * Tasting of rums and creams. * Matching tobacco and rum. * Demonstration of manual twisting of the tobacco and interaction with the cigar maker. * Free time for handicrafts, tobacco, rum and coffee purchases.

• Panoramic visit to the Varadero Golf Club and its Dupont Mansion.

• Back to the hotel.


• Customers will receive a souvenir consisting of a Ron Mulata case (two bottles of rum) for adults and a package of nationally produced candies for children.

Home of the Rum Varadero Cuba
Mansion Dupont Varadero Cuba
Museum Jose Smith Comas Cuba

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Observations:* Pick-ups can be delayed up to 15 minutes, depending on the number of hotels and the punctuality of the clients. Please inquire at our nearest tourist bureau to avoid customer dissatisfaction.


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